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December 20, 2010 / Ryan Edward Roberts

American Un-Productivity

America was the most productive nation on earth in the 20th century. It occurred to me the other day that at least one reason why we are losing our cutting edge is personal computers. Yes, the PC, that AMERICAN invention that was supposed to increase productivity.

I have owned PC’s since the early 1980’s. I even went on to start a computer software (ie – mostly games) retail business in 1988. Looking back I realize that correlates precisely to the shift in how I spent my time. Before then I was always busy creating things from my imagination, whether building rockets as a kid to being industrious by raising chickens, beekeeping, practicing on the piano, target practicing with my rifle, working in the yard, or any other work activity I could find. After I got my PC I started spending most of my free time on the computer.

I have no doubt that computers have increased our ability to perform many tasks more quickly and efficiently, but my complaint is that they are helping to destroy our industriousness and imagination in a much more basic and serious way.

Consider how many hours you have spent each day on average since you bought your first PC. America is now a nation utterly addicted to PC/Xbox games, emails, Facebook, blogs, and just mindlessly surfing the web – for hours a day. I know, kind of ironicic. I read a study recently that said the average office worker spends over 3 hours every day checking and reading their emails.

Forget imagination – no time for that when you need to log in to spend the next 5 hours killing zombies! Never mind original thought that will blossom into the next great invention…if it doesn’t involve this addiction we will not think about it.

Remember Bubba Teeth, the funny false teeth you put in that makes it look like you have horrible teeth? I think the only reason we were blessed with that great American invention was because the guy who invented it couldn’t read or write and had never saw a computer before. I saw on TV that he is now a multi-millionaire! If he had a computer, like normal people have, probably nothing any good would have ever come from him.

Thus industry now moves to Asia, where most are too poor still to be able to squander their days away like we do. Life is too short.

I don’t think the PC is the only problem of course, but I do believe we have allowed it to rob an entire generation of reaching their full potential – yes, me included!

Tell me what you think…

Well, off to play some more of that awesome Minecraft!


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