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June 28, 2014 / Ryan Edward Roberts

Ray Gun to Speaker

Here’s an idea for someone else to invent. I’m too lazy to do it myself. Now maybe it already exists, but if it does I’ve never heard of it. So I will throw this out there and it would be awesome if someone  could actually make this work.

Imagine driving down the highway and suddenly over your car speakers a voice told you there was an accident ahead, or some other message like that. It would be so neat to be able to communicate with a device like this.

Every automobile in the world has electromagnetic speakers built in them already. I imagine a device that could emit an energy field within a relatively close area that would cause these speakers to operate. A microwave beam? I don’t know, I’m no scientist, but it sounds do-able to me.


The only questions I have are: 1) would it cause pain and/or harm to people and 2) would it harm any electronic equipment on the automobile?

Could anyone make this happen?


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