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November 28, 2014 / Ryan Edward Roberts

With Age Comes Loss of Ego

I’ve worked with many hundreds of people in my career, and see a common theme between those folk and society in general. Younger professionals are all about their ego. The older ones, the ones with the most experience, are also the people who are most relaxed in life. They seem to just not care what others think as much.

Most children start to show signs of self awareness at a very early age. I’ve seen 3 year olds express embarrassment at a photo of themself, or protest when you say they are beautiful.

As they get older this becomes more pronounced. By their teen age years, they cannot step outside their house without spending 2 hours in front of a mirror, and making sure their clothes are exactly right – the holes in just the right places, and the cool brand names of their underwear showing proudly.

In our 20’s we are all about college and starting our careers. You see yourself as the one that the world has been waiting for.

By your 30’s your ego starts to relax, a little. You begin to realize you aren’t perfect, that maybe there are a few things that you could learn from those who are older than you.

Your fourth decade can be cruel. You realize your parents were right, and that they were NOT retarded when you was a teenager. You become aware that you will not in fact be an exception to the rule, and you will not live forever.

Beyond one’s 40’s is pure speculation for me, thank you. Well not really, because I have many years of observing (cruelly mocking) older folk under my belt. It seems to me that as one gets older, the self-centered tendencies we all have starts to fade. Perhaps that is why there is the phrase “mellowing with age”.

In summary, at younger ages one is out to prove that they are what they hope to be. At middle age one wishes to show the world what they are. At old age a person sometimes longs to remind others of what they once was.

And this is why Facebook was born.


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