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December 21, 2014 / Ryan Edward Roberts

The Gas Pump Slow Down Conspiracy

I have noticed that as wintertime arrives and starts getting colder outside, it seems that the pumps at gas stations are slower when prepaid with cash.

I’ve always hated how they zip along fine until you get to about 25 cents shy of the total prepaid, then the rate slows to a trickle. But it seems to me lately, as it has started getting colder outside that the pumps slow much earlier, sometimes 60 cents prior or so, and it pumps REALLY SLOWLY.

I know for sure that the technology used would allow for gas pumps to stop right at the target dollar amount. The slow down is completely unnecessary. I absolutely believe that gas station management intentionally slows the pumps in a way to make you give up shivering in the cold and drive away with 50 cents or whatever still paid for but left in their tanks.

I note the worst offenders and do not go back to those stations.


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