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January 20, 2015 / Ryan Edward Roberts

Life Lesson #3

Generate memories of those things that are most important.

Life is so short, don’t let any of it, or it’s memories be wasted. I have realized that there are periods of time in my adult life where I remember very little about certain things. I have watched family videos that shows me doing things with my family, but I do not remember those events. It isn’t because there was something wrong with me. It’s just how my brain works. During those periods I was very focused on a business, so things having to do with that business is mostly what I do remember. I have too few recollections in these times of family and friends, memories I so wish I had now.

It’s not that I didn’t love my family. I have always loved all my family, especially my children, with all my heart. I realize that, at least with my brain, I remember best what I am focused on. Seems obvious. So it teaches me to make sure to make a conscious effort everyday to focus my attention on those things that are truly the most important in my life: my family, friends, and God.


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