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May 19, 2015 / Ryan Edward Roberts

Get Out and Walk

Always focused on driving and you miss the scenery.

I drive the same route every day to work. Today a road crew had it down to one lane for some reason, so there was a line of traffic stopped ahead of me.

I had to sit there for several minutes. It was the most refreshing few minutes of the whole day; for as I sat I started looking around. On my right was a hay field with various flowers in full bloom. Alfalfa, clover and others. I was at the top of a small hill, so looking further I could see a beautiful landscape of woods and pasture land beyond. I had never noticed that view before.

On my left was a woods full of locust trees in full bloom. I could see the bees swarming all over them. I decided to roll the window down. What an incredible smell that early summer is!

Try this: Take a long walk down a street that you frequently drive on. You will see things you never saw and learn things you never knew!


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