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June 7, 2015 / Ryan Edward Roberts

I’m So Phobic

Just read a new word in the news today: Transphobic. If you aren’t wholeheartedly supportive of someone “changing” their sex that’s what I guess you are now. You’re afraid of it. Funny, until now I never knew that I was “afraid”. I always just thought it was sad and disturbing that someone would be so unhappy with themselves that they would go to such lengths.

Are they REALLY changing their sex? Or are they just cutting on themselves, and taking some pills? Are they able to change those X and Y chromesones? That’s another discussion…

Oh the PC bandwagon, how so many are so eager to jump onboard that. Do as they say or you are a monster, a “phobic”. I guess I am.

I’m a transphobic in the same respect that I am a cocainephobic, crack-headphobic, methphobic, or a suicidephobic. As a human, as an American, I believe you have the right to do these things to yourself. As long as you are not causing any harm to others, or taking away any of their rights in doing so. I support you to that extent. Just don’t turn around and then attack my right to believe what I believe.

Thinking about it further, I realize my problem isn’t really with the person undergoing this “change”. I have a problem with the bandwagon.

There are people who feel compelled to cut themselves. I suppose we should support and celebrate that too, or be reviled as a phobic for that.


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