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July 28, 2015 / Ryan Edward Roberts

Electric Tape Multiplication

I discovered a very important life principle the other day by accident.

We had been in the process of moving and I was disconnecting some electrical appliance and needed some electrical tape. I knew I saw rolls laying around all the time, but of course, now when i needed some I couldn’t find any. I searched and searched, everywhere, but no luck.


So we went to the store and bought one roll. Later that evening my wife and I are in the car and she suddenly exclaims “look what I found”! Out of her purse she pulls a roll of electric tape. We laughed.

The very next day I am picking up our inkjet printer to load in the car. Literally stuck under the paper tray is another roll of electrical tape! Wow, wasn’t expecting that.

I found another roll on the floor of my car, another in the barn, and yet another in a box.

The Principle: If you can’t find what you need but know you have, buy one more and all the rest will come out if hiding.


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