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September 14, 2015 / Ryan Edward Roberts

Landfills of Laziness

Technology brings us many exciting and helpful things. It seems so strange to me though that as technology advances we become lazier and messier.

Starting mostly in the 1970’s, a strong movement began to promote recycling, largely as a result of this effect that technology has had on society.


We used to return glass soda bottles to the grocery store to be recycled. We received cash back for them. They would be recycled and reused. That is history. Now we are forced to buy soda in either plastic or aluminum cans.

We used to brew a pot of coffee using a biodegradable paper filter. Now we use plastic k-cups to make one cup of joe. Billions of them!

I’m sure we all can realize many examples like these very quickly when you think about it.

It is so sadly funny how we are always hearing from every corner of the world “recycle!” Yet the same people and corporations who preach this are constantly creating new technologies that are worse for the economy and the planet.

Why do we become messier and create more and worse trash as technology improves? I believe it is simply because we as a society are lazy and self-centered.

Lazy to not be willing to make a tiny bit of effort to be more efficient with material and money. We want everything as quick and effortless as possible. That is what technology has done to us.

Self centered because we dont care what our actions may do to others, now or in the future. All we care about is our self-satisfaction and immediate gratification.


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