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February 21, 2016 / Ryan Edward Roberts

Panda Can Be Mean

After landing at the Cincinatti airport, I decided to grab some lunch before taking off again. Close by our gate was a Panda Express. I have had some negative experiences there before, but nevertheless I decided to try it again anyway.

Big mistake. First, most of the entree dishes were empty. So I accepted just getting the Orange Chicken. Then I noticed a sign that said something about choosing 1 item or half and half of 2 items. So I asked “could I get half chicken and half shrimp”?

With one hand raised to her hip she states flatly “You Can’t Do That!” “Ok, just the chicken then” I said with a smile.

“What’s your side” she asked firmly. I said fried rice and then watched as she SCRAPED the burnt rice out of the almost empty pan.

Paying for it, all I had on me was a fifty. No biggy I thought, seeing that my change would be 2 twenties and a couple of ones. I was wrong. When she saw it she literally slapped her hand on the cash drawer and very expressively shook her head and sighed. Silently she gave me my change, no “thank you” here!

I felt like I ruined this lady’s day, you know, by giving them some business. By the way, the food was horrible.

She’s an angry panda.


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