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July 15, 2016 / Ryan Edward Roberts

Drug Sickness Part 1

I would not have normally believed what I was hearing. I would have thought it a lie of some conspiracy theory wacko.

When men join the U.S. Army, during basic training (at least) they are ordered to take testosterone reducing drugs. It makes them more manageable or something. UNBELIEVABLE!  But true.

The person who told me this was IN basic training and I know him personally.

Yet another example of how our Federal government is sick. But really, isn’t it a reflection of society as a whole? Do we not drug our own kids to make them more manageable for elementary school teachers? So why be surprised when after graduating from high school it is acceptable to continue drugging them when they join the army?

We take drugs for every possible purpose, and then immediately sue the manufacturer for its known side effects.

WE are sick, just not physically.

Photo copyright James Barber


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