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August 6, 2016 / Ryan Edward Roberts

Honestly, The Problem with Trump

In politics, most candidates are either loved affectionately by their supporters,  or hated with a vengeance by the opposing side. With Donald Trump there seems to be a third option; you’ll vote for him but you don’t like him.

I’ve been trying to figure out how I feel about The Donald. I hear all these voices around me with their various opinions. My wife (an Independant) loves him. My mom (a Republican) hates him. Virtually the entire media world depicts him as Mr. Lucifer Hitler. I am torn.

Some say he is too “hot headed”, that he doesn’t possess the diplomatic skills required to be a President. Maybe, just maybe. However, I thought of some of our past leaders who were also known for not fitting into the “normal” mold of popular opinion.

Teddy Roosevelt had just such a personality, and his enemies used that against him. Yet today he is considered one of the great U.S. Presidents because he was able to break away from the establishment and do what needed to be done.

Alexander Hamilton, while never a President, was one of the key founders of this great nation. He died from a gunshot in a duel with his lifelong political enemy. Not very level headed by today’s standards.

I often wonder if we might possibly make a mistake if we turn Trump down in November, not giving him the chance to go on and prove himself as a modern-day Teddy.

Well it was just a thought.

I don’t believe Donald Trump is crazy or incapable of being a great President. The problem is he doesn’t comply with the image that has been cultivated in the US of what a president is supposed to act like.

I hear the news proclaim daily that something he said that day shows he is loony. But when I go and watch the actual speech or comment, I realize it is almost always taken out of context. He was just telling the truth, and that is NOT what a politician is supposed to do!

It could also turn out that he would be a terrible president. Only time will tell. But we shouldn’t make that determination based on him simply being honest and not acting out the part of the politically correct politician. We should listen to what he says and judge for ourselves, not what the haters say.


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