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August 17, 2016 / Ryan Edward Roberts

Hypocritical Racism

Blake Shelton and Ellen DeGeneres: what horrible racist bigots!

Well that is at least what a lot of Twitter users apparently think.

First, people started a viral response to some of Blake Shelton’s past Twitter posts. One of them included him saying “I’m not gay but Ellen is hot!” That tweet was made several YEARS ago, but now it’s got the Twitter world in a whirl.

Then the next day Ellen DeGeneres tweeted this picture, saying this is how she is going to run her errands from now on.


First of all, I do not think Blake’s comment was inappropriate or mean natured. He was just making an observation with his usual humor. BIG DEAL!

Second, I really do not believe Ellen meant anything racist at all. She is a comedian, she was just being funny in her normal sarcastic way. It is FUNNY!

Why do some people love to create issues and controversy? Here is my theory.

I know that there are certainly some in the population who are truly racist. They hate people simply because they have a different skin tone. Based on my own personal experiences, it seems however that most of these despicable types are not white. That is a popular STEREOTYPE. Of course it was our white European ancestors who brought over slavery, which then evolved into the ugly racism of the early and mid 1900’s. But we, as a whole, have moved on!

Who are the true racists of today? I argue that those who attack people on social media, (while hiding behind their PC or tablet screen) accusing others of racism and bigotry are in fact the racists and bigots!

A few days ago two Muslim men were gunned down in NYC. Immediately a family friend (supposedly) made a statement to the press that it was Donald Trump’s fault. First, that was an unbelievably stupid thing to say. But more important, it was blatantly racist, basically saying that anyone who would shoot a Muslim cleric was a white Trump supporter. That is at least how I interpret it.

Earlier this week a police officer shot and killed an armed robber in Milwaukee. People cried “racism” and elected black officials took to the media to demand change. The city erupted in violence and businesses were burned to the ground. If, however, you look at the facts, you realize the usual hypocrisy. 1) The criminal who died was armed and had pointed his gun at the police officer. 2) The police officer who shot him was AFRICAN AMERICAN! Can anyone explain to me how this was an example of police racism?

“Black Lives Matters” is blatantly racist simply because ALL lives matter, none of them more than the other.

Racism today is a market. It is used as a commodity. It really is a business, used by some to impose their “power” over other races and groups. Just ask Jesse Jackson. People loosely sling the phrases “racist”, “homophobic”, and “bigot” at others. Those words actually apply to the accusers.

What I am arguing here is not based on hate or any form of mean racism on my part. I am arguing against those things, but to the true racists in this country, what I am saying is a threat. So I am sure they would classify me as one.


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