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October 24, 2016 / Ryan Edward Roberts

War for Money

The real motives and goals driving this presidential election has finally become clear, at least for myself. I have watched the candidates and their spokespeople closely for the past year, and I have learned things that I was not expecting.

The biggest realization I have gained is this election for President is that it IS NOT Democrats versus Republicans! This cycle is all about the powerful and wealthy who want continued government access and give outs versus those who simply want to make a descent living.

Obviously both sides are appealling to their respective bases, but what I have realized is that it is the powerful media and the Wall St tychoons planning behind the sceens that are shaping opinions.

We are witnessing an election where many normally Democrat voters are voting for Trump, and many usually Republican voters are voting for Clinton. Why?

Why has there been a parade a Wall St and Silicon Valley executives shout out their support for Clinton? She has a massive cash advantage over Trump. Why are they so against Trump? That’s easy! He has promised to fight to bring the jobs back that has gone overseas. Why did they go to those foreign countries in the first place? CHEAP LABOR. LOWER TAXES. LESS REGULATIONS. They fear they might lose money under Trump. It’s always about the money!

I believe the media is totally against Trump for one primary reason: they can’t control him!

This all has bothered me because we are voting for a President NOT based on policies. Rather those I previously mentioned are using their power to create personal side notes of character, lies, and enflame hate.

I believe we are witnessing like never before the American vote being manipulated by the powerful.


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