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November 10, 2016 / Ryan Edward Roberts

Are You Kidding?

Donald Trump easily won a fair election to become our next president. I see on TV and read on the news about all these Hollywood people and college-age kids having temper tantrums as a result.

Colleges are canceling classes, offering counseling instead to those traumatized by Clinton’s loss. It is upsetting to me that some are protesting in the streets, telling people to “not accept” the election results, and claiming that they are afraid.

We see actors tweeting out how people should take baseball bats to any Trump supporters they might meet.

I saw on the news where one mother said she could no longer allow her little girl to go to birthday parties and sleep-overs with her white friends anymore, since they are obviously racists and might cause harm to her. After all, they are white and might have voted for Trump.

What absolute idiots! I have been on the losing side many times and never felt compelled to act like that. I was disappointed when Obama won. Not for racial reasons, of course, but for reasons of principle. But if I acted like these folk, I would have been blasted as a racist!

If anyone had protested like this when Obama won, they would not have only been labeled as racists, but they would have also been told that if what they were saying lead to an assasination attempt on the President, it would be on their heads. They of course see it differently now that they didn’t get what they wanted.

Like I have said before, liberals are all about themselves, and what the government can give them. They act like little children. They never cease to amaze me just how hypocritical they are.


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