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November 24, 2016 / Ryan Edward Roberts

Macy’s Parade Cheaters

I’m watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on tv. We always enjoy seeing the sights of the huge balloons and floats to be seen each year. I love marching bands, and can appreciate all the hard work and many hours of practice they put in to pull off what they do. Of course everyone also likes seeing and hearing big name singers performing as well. I just can’t help getting really turned off however by one aspect of it all.

I think I counted only 2 singing acts who actually sang! Every other one of these “professional” singers lip-synced to a studio recording. Tony Bennet, who probably SHOULD have sang along with a pre-recorded version, actually sang! Only 90 year old Bennet had the guts to actually perform.

Overall it was not a display of actual talent. It leaves me wondering if any of these singing stars can actually sound good without computer voice edits and processing of a studio.

I would be embarrassed to be one of these so-called talents holding a dead microphone, not even doing what I am suppossed to love doing.

So the professionals cannot perform live, while the high school students play their instruments and dance all for real. Hmm…

So perhaps the marching bands should just dance around and ACT like they are playing an instrument, all to recorded music. Now THAT would be a modern, contemporary parade!


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