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November 28, 2016 / Ryan Edward Roberts


I’m reading a lot about censorship now days, well just since the election actually. Everyone is really into doing it, from Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, to even some print. The common justification being used is what they call “trash news” or fake news. Even President Obama lectured about it, saying that fake news hurts democracy, and is therefore justifiably censorable.

One idea behind all these complaints is that “common” people, not the professional media types, are responsible for it. That only the big media can be trusted.

Oh but today I read on about some crazy letter that was posted somewhere. The CNN site even has a picture of it on the home page. It proclaims that muslims are “children of Satan”, and they were going to be wiped away because there is now a “new sheriff in town”, Donald Trump. It goes rambling on referring it all to Trump.

I think anyone with a brain would read this and be able to recognize that it was NOT written by a Trump supporter. No, it is a con job trying to make Trump look like the mold the media has been trying to market him in. You know, that he is a racist, sexist monster that is going to throw everyone who opposes him into some secret concentration camp.

This CNN article reminds me of the Columbus Ohio newspaper I read last week that had blazing on it’s front page this story about a lady who claimed she was physically assaulted by 2 guys wearing Trump tee shirts and Trump hats. And just like the CNN smear these 2 monstrous men were also spouting on about the greatness of Trump.

Sorry liberal loser media, but I do not believe Americans are nearly as stupid as you really believe they are. I for one can recognize fake news when I see it. I don’t need it censored for me. I don’t need YOUR caring protection!

So if censorship happens, it MUST begin with the professional media, such as CNN and the meriad of newspapers at war with Americans, to name but a few. If you want to see fake news, just go there and see it everyday. It is they who must be held to a higher standard, much more so than the amateur opinionator.


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