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December 1, 2016 / Ryan Edward Roberts

Liberal Hypocrisy III

Tom Ford, clothing designer, was recently on “The View”. He stated that he would not make a dress for Melania Trump because she’s not the right fit for his brand. He said his dresses are too expensive and would be therefore inappropriate.

This he says, even though he did make a dress for Michelle Obama.

Why does this matter? It doesn’t! He certainly has a right to be discriminating with his creations. He is being hypocritical in his excuse, but he has this right.

And of course everyone on the left will say “he showed her, lol”!

However, if he were just a small-time baker and refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, he would be illegally discriminating and would be fined.

Yes, I am comparing legal versus illegal. But the latter is only illegal in some places because of some leftist lawmakers and judges.

I am against discriminating against anyone for who they are and their life choices; but I also believe that who you are should not force me to do things for you when it is against my conscience to do so.

Tom Ford should agree.


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