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January 8, 2017 / Ryan Edward Roberts

Calamities With God’s Permission

To anyone who has been in truly bad places in life: God may very well be allowing some epic bad stuff in your life on purpose.

I had, at least it feels to me, one of the worst, bad-luck kind of years in 2016, and it’s still continuing. I received a pay cut just when I thought my finances were going to improve. Then I temporarily, I hope, lost most of my vision in one eye. This lead to me losing my ability to do my job, which, just before Christmas, meant no paychecks for purchasing presents. My insurance, which I need, needless to say, will expire in a week*. I have no idea when I will be able to go back to work.

Today God reminded me of an important lesson.

The Hebrews found themselves as slaves in Egypt because their ancestors put them there. They cried out to God for freedom from this oppression, and he sent them Moses. Moses went straight to the Pharoah and demanded their freedom. God could have allowed the Pharoah to grant Moses’ request; however, instead God “hardened” Pharoah’s heart and caused him to reject this request!

What? I wondered why would God do that? I then wondered if maybe the writer took liberties and added this for dramatic affect. I reminded myself that God’s word is always right and He always has a reason for everything He does. So I thought about it again.

I wonder how this made Moses feel? So God sent a plague which brought everybody harm. Moses went back and again demanded freedom for the slaves. Rejected again because of God. This continued through a total of 10 plagues.


The Pharoah gave in and allowed them to leave only after the last plague killed his only son. So what did I learn?

If the Pharoah had granted Moses’ request the first time, the Jewish people might still to this day be celebrating a “Pharoah” day. Had the Pharoah freed them after a couple more plagues, they might have given Moses all the credit.

They were not freed until God separated them from the calamities all around them by the blood of a lamb put on the doorways of their homes. Only this act saved their first born from death that night. Only then did God know that the Children of Israel would forever know that they were saved by his hand and no other.

Had God answered their request at the very first attempt at freedom, the Jewish nation would have been freed, but they would have lost an eternal praise to God.

There is another point I feel is important to add. Even if God had not hardened Pharoah’s heart, and had the Pharoah granted Moses’ first request for freedom, it would have still been God that did it. Without God there would have not been Moses. Without God answering the cries of his people, there would have been no burning bush. So even if they had thought it was a kindly Pharoah, or a strong Moses that freed them, it would have still actually been God. God answered our prayers even when it doesn’t look like He did it.

I believe there are situations throughout our lives where it seems like it was our job, our money, a friend, or even ourselves that pulled us thru and found a way out a problem. The truth is it was always God! God is our source. That is why the Bible says “in every situation give God the thanks”! Every good thing comes from God.

I ask God for the faith to wait for His time to do His will in my life.

*Today I found out my benefits are now being extended through March!


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