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January 30, 2017 / Ryan Edward Roberts

So Unprecedented It’s Unprecedented!

That is the word I keep hearing, referring to anything and everything Trump. Everyday I hear another news reporter describe what Trump did or said that day as “unprecedented”. Whether it was a staff appointment, an executive order signed, legistlation proposed, or a phone call made, it seems the media is bent on telling a story of Trump being out of control.

What the media and Hollywood’s self-appointed faux national leaders do not understand is that unprecedented is exactly what the voters want!

For decades we have as a nation, slowly slid further and deeper into a pit of debt, political correctness, low paying jobs, and lack of leadership in general. I believe this is the result of politicians and Presidents leading “safely”, always with a finger held up in the wind, trying to placate everyone.

“Unprecedented” is exactly what this nation needs. President Polk was unprecedented when he declared war on Mexico and expanded the U.S from a little east coast nation to the Sea to Shining Sea nation it is today. Almost everything Abraham Lincoln did as president was a first. He was mocked and belittled mercilessly throughout his term in office. It’s hard for us to imagine today, but President Lincoln was hated by a large part of the northern voters until he was assassinated.

Teddy Roosevelt led the nation in unprecedented directions with a personality unseen before in a President. Franklin Roosevelt served an unprecedented 4 terms. Ronald Reagan’s tax cuts combined with a much-needed military buildup was unprecedented.

We desperately need an unprecedented President; one who will truly make changes and do what needs to be done, no matter how much the elites scream!

There is no such thing as a great leader who does not do unprecedented things.


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