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January 31, 2017 / Ryan Edward Roberts

Crocodile Tears

President Trump has banned the entire Muslim world from travelling to the U.S. This is because he hates all Muslims and by keeping them from traveling here they will all die.

That is what it seems like the full time protesters in this country would have you believe.

It’s all nonesense, of course.

It is a 90 day hold until new immigration procedures can be put in place to deal with unvetted immigrants. 90 days, it goes away! It is a responsible, and unpolitical, action. To hear the protesters scream, you’d think its a permanent ban.

Further, the vast majority of the Muslim world is not affected by this rule. Only the 7 leading terrorist havens/nations.

Those who protest against this are the same ones who have been smashing windows in various cities since election day. They are a bunch of clueless, bad losers.

The politicians who speak against it are just playing politics. They would have supported it if the President were a democrat.

The various big company CEOs who have come out against it are upset because they think they might lose some money. The CEO of starbucks says they will hire 10,000 immigrants. Well sure you will, because they would love to work for minimum wage! This from the same company who is replacing baristas with fully-automated robot espresso drink machines. If any CEO complains about an issue, you can be absolutely certain it has nothing to do with humanitarian feelings. It’s all about the money. They are an example of the hypocracy that permeates our nation’s political system.

So in short; 1) losers go home and get a job, 2) politicians shut up and work for US for a change, and 3) big corporate bosses go figure out how to make money without throwing your country under the bus.


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