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February 20, 2017 / Ryan Edward Roberts

Progressivism: Party of Hate

I’ve said it before; liberals are hypocrites who are filled with hate for everyone who they disagree with.

Liberal Hypocrisy III

Liberal Hypocricy Part 2

Hypocritical Racism

Liberal Mob Explodes at the Name of Jesus

The latest example is one of the most disgusting yet. Melania Trump chose to introduce her husband at a rally yesterday by reciting The Lord’s Prayer. She quoted this scripture, which in part says “…thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory…”, speaking, of course, of God.

View it here

I thought it was fantastic and beautiful. But the liberals came out  blasting it with nothing but venom and hate. You would think that liberal women would not attack another woman for her accent, or her courage. But they did. It is a proven, documented fact, exemplified on campuses and corporations all across the country, that liberals hate the idea of true free speech and freedom of conscience.

Not all Democrats are like this. But far too many have embraced the lawless, anti-God attitude we see demonstrated daily. THEY have reached the point where it looks like the conservative vs. liberal divide is more like good vs. evil! It is so sad.



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