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February 26, 2017 / Ryan Edward Roberts

Really Not-Nice Speech: My Own

I hate stupidity and willful ignorance. For example, I see stupid repeated probably every other time I visit a fast food restaurant.

Me: “Yes, I would like a number seven with a medium Coke”.

Cashier:  “Would you like to make that a combo?

Me: (reluctantly) “Yes”.

Cashier: “And what would you like to drink?”

I have seriously had this same experience on many occasions. Sometimes Wendy’s, sometimes McDonald’s. I don’t understand their inability to simply converse.

And I hate (I know, strong word, but I’m just saying…) how intelligent people will willingly spread ignorance. Like blaming President Trump for a drunk idiot shooting another guy who was apparently born in India. Totally and completely Donald Trumps fault, so they claim! Yet these same people ignore the fact that there were MANY innocent people killed by terrorists and others right here on American soil during President Obamas term in office. Do they blame him? Of course not! Because they voted for him. That is willful ignorance.

So beware of fast food and politics. Religion is fine.


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