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April 11, 2017 / Ryan Edward Roberts

Just Don’t Break The Law!

There is, once again, yet another airline episode in the news this week. Headlines, in fact. A United Airlines flight leaving Chicago en route to Louisville, KY was booked full, but 4 passengers had to be removed to make room for a United crew that also needed to go to Louisville. The airline offered everyone $800 if they would give up their seat. 3 passengers took them up on it, but they couldn’t get a 4th. So they randomly selected a person, who then refused to leave. It all ends with this man getting dragged off the airplane, with smartphones recording it all.

Instantly you have the ignorant news media chiming in with how awful this was of United to do this. Fox News, CNN, and all the others have been playing it up as big as they can. You have celebrities dishing their wisdom-filled tirades. And of course you have all the people on Twitter and Facebook howling out their fake stories.

Let me say here: I am not an employee of United Airlines. I am, however, an airline captain. I know the rules. I know how this works. Most issues usually occur during the boarding process; therefore I make it a practice to try to observe the goings on of the flight attendants and passengers during this time. I have learned that when an issue does arise the flight attendants will often deal with it along with the gate agent without ever mentioning it to me. That is usually fine when every one is following the correct procedures, but there have been instances when I have found out after the fact that one of the flight attendants improperly handled the situation and made the situation worse. I have made it a personal goal to try to be aware of these situations and make sure they are dealt with in a friendly, professional manner.

I  going to assume that this flight crew did the same. I believe they attempted to rationally deal with this man but these attempts all failed.

First, this person would be paid $800 plus provided a hotel for the overnight. I completely understand that this man obviously wanted and needed to get to Louisville; but SO DID EVERYONE ELSE! He was not more important than the other passengers. The 4 crew members that they were trying to make room for were going to Louisville in order to work a flight. They were not just any ground worker, as some of the news media suggests. They were the 2 pilots and 2 flight attendants. Airlines shuttle flight crew at top priority because if they don’t get to where they need to be a flight will have to be cancelled. That would mean an entire plane full of passengers not getting where they needed to go.

Second, he was nicely asked several times to deplane. He refused. Oops, he just broke Federal law. It is against the law to refuse to obey a crew members instruction. He did this several times.

Third, after many attempts to convince him to leave, the crew had no choice but to call the police. Mind you, the flight is now late, making all the other paying passengers late. When the police ordered him to get off the plane, he again refused. Disobeying a police officer is A CRIME. They had to physically make him walk off.

Fourth, this man was AN IDIOT. After walking off the plane, he turned around and RAN back onto it! He ran to the back of the plane where the police officers once again had to extract him, this time literally dragging him off.


Is any of this the flight crew’s fault? NO! Was any of this even the police officer’s fault? Absolutely not! They didn’t FORCE him to be dragged off. He was pulled off the way he was because HE refused to walk off.

Once again the world’s stupidest comes to the rescue. I read in the news this morning that some say this was racism because he was Chinese. So what they are really saying is the only way this would not have been racist was if he was Caucasian. Is THAT not racist? So to appease these people, the next time an airline has to randomly select a passenger for removal (which happens every day), they can only select white people. Of course this would be racist, again exemplifying how liberalism is hypocritical.

This man clearly thinks he is more important than everyone else. Especially when you ride on an airplane a person needs to understand that they are not the center of the universe. They are not in more of a hurry than everybody else. Their luggage is not more special. It seems obvious that this man could not have cared less about the inconvenience that he was causing every one else. It was just all about him, what he wanted. Never mind the obviousness of the situation.

Sorry all of you faint-headed child-spoilers who think this was such a terrible thing that happened to this poor man. No, HE BROUGHT EVERY BIT OF IT UPON HIMSELF! That is what can happen when you disobey the law and act like a moron.

They really should have put him in jail. Hopefully he will at least get a hefty fine out of it.

Update: I actually found a news writer who agrees with me! Read it here


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