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April 20, 2017 / Ryan Edward Roberts

Ok MJ…You’re Awesome

The older I get the more I enjoy, nay, love listening to Michael Jackson’s music.

When I was a teenager I thought he was a freek so I mostly ignored his songs. But kids judge by the outward appearance, so that is my excuse.

Many things I used to not appreciate I now enjoy. At one time Brussel Sprouts and Asparagus were strict no-no’s; now I absolutely love them. I still hate peas though.

Its called maturity. You begin to see more of the good in people, even though sometimes it is buried down deep. Maybe it comes from an understanding developed from experiencing life’s ups and downs; it makes you realize you’re not really “all that” after all.

So MJ might have been a little wierd, but man did that guy write and compose some awesome songs! It makes me feel happy to hear them. So those of you who were his fans from the beginning can mock me if you want; I would guess you are older than me. 😎


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