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December 30, 2017 / Ryan Edward Roberts

It All Counts

I’m sitting here on a snowy day off, listening to a Daryl Coley cd, loving every song. In a few days I hit the end of my 51st year of this life. I’ve spent a lot of time looking back over my life, smiling a lot, so grateful for so much. There are many regrets, many things I wish so bad I could go back in time and change. Looking forward I still just want my life to mean something.


We all have heard the phrase “make every day count”. One of my regrets is wasted time; all the wasted days doing nothing, all the wasted opportunities to have spent time with people that are no longer around. I know that everything I do or don’t do counts in the end.

I have loved listening to Daryl Coley sing ever since I was a teenager. As I sit here hearing his unique voice do incredible things only he could do just that way, I know he died last year. Wow, how is that possible? I have seen so many pass who in my mind should still be young. Walter Hawkins, Andrea Crouch, Lance Appleton, friends I grew up with, former pastors, aunts and uncles, even my grandmother, just to name a very few. I don’t wish to write something negative, I simply am making the point that OMG, life flies by!

So yes, make every day count. They will whether you intend for them to or not, so just make sure to make them count for something that you will be glad for later.

October 17, 2017 / Ryan Edward Roberts

Today’s Stupid Ad

On TV this morning; an ad for a VA mortgage loan company states why you should borrow money from them…to pay down your debt!

Am I missing something?

October 11, 2017 / Ryan Edward Roberts

Change the Subject

Would the Americans please stop being politically stupid so I could write about something else, please?

I enjoy writing about stupid stuff, but I grow weary of the political ignorance.

Thank you

October 10, 2017 / Ryan Edward Roberts

Anthem Question

Vice President Pence walked out of the NFL game Sunday in Indianapolis as a result of many football players kneeling during the national anthem. According to USA Today sportwriter Nancy Armour, Pence’s act “made a mockery of the anthem”.


Then what does players not standing during the anthem do for it?